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Celery and Celery Juicing

Celery Juice is having its moment in the sun. Celery has a high water content which assists with hydration and contains vital nutrients such as calcium and potassium. Millions of people all over the world (including celebrities) have become celery juice advocates. For more information check out our celery juicing page.

Aside from juicing, with its distinctive flavour and satisfying crunch, celery is a fabulously healthy snack or ingredient, perfect for use in salads, soups, casseroles and more.

At its summer peak from mid-June onwards, this great British vegetable is quick and easy to prepare, whether it’s being paired with mini-cheese for your kids lunchbox snack or a baked camembert for drinks with friends – making it the perfect choice for the busy modern lifestyle.

Packed full of recipe ideas, fun facts, health information and more, this website’s the destination of choice for all things celery, so whether you’re already a fan or are simply keen to learn more, read on.